Why Reuleaux RX200S is better than RX200?

Reuleaux RX200SAs a upgrade version of RX200, you may think the Reuleaux RX200S has a extremely same exterior of RX200, then which one you should choose? The Reuleaux RX200S comes with a larger screen, which is really brilliant for you. While you are vaping, you can read any data simply with a simple glance at the big screen.

Which atomizer would you prefer to match to Eleaf Pico?

We all know that the Pico mod from Eleaf iStick has a tiny size and great quality, therefore it need a great atomizer to work with, which atomizer would you like to try? The original Eleaf Pico Kit comes with two version for you to choose, the one is match to the Melo III atomizer which has a 4ml capacity, and another is match to Melo III mini atomizer which has a 2ml capacity, you can choose any kit you want.

Eleaf Pico

The upgradable firmware of Wismec RX200S

One great reason for you to love Wismec RX200S is the upgradable firmware. It’s offered both in Mac and PC software, and the only thing you need to do is the connect your device with the computer through an USB cable, and then download the software, and then launch the app, and follow the guide. And then you can enjoy the latest version of Wismec RX200S.

Wismec RX200S

Warnings about using Reuleaux RX200S 200W TC Box Mod

Do you know what you should know while useing Reuleaux RX200S 200W TC Box Mod and so that it’s safe to you?

Well, you shouldn’t use batteries with torn casings as it is a safety hazard.

And there is one more thing you should know is that the 3 batteries are sold seperately, so you better buy the batteries too when you are purchasing your mod.

Reuleaux RX200S 200W TC Box Mod


The TCR mode of Wismec Presa TC100W Box Mod

The new Presa’s TCR mode of Wismec Presa TC100W Box Mod is one of the items that make the device a complicated mod. The TCR mode allows the user to manually change the TCR values for totally different forms of wire. This allows the user to additional fine-tune the accuracy of the Presa’s ability to limit and sense an sprayer coil’s true temperature.