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Have You Ever Wanted A Mini Sub-Ohm Tank ?

The Eleaf iJust 2 Mini Kit features an 1100mAh battery and while it is smaller than the battery featured on the iJust 2, this tank really pairs well with the tank capacity. With the tank capacity of this device being 2ml, this makes for a compact device that pairs the perfect amount of vaping power with a smaller tank to allow a smaller device that can be taken anywhere! The performance of this device is so great as a result of the direct output voltage being a major part of the system. This battery has a major impact on the output voltage, allowing for an output curve that is relatively predictable and consistent. With the unit being 22mm in diameter, it is the same diameter as the iJust 2, but it is significantly smaller in height at just 61mm. The smaller battery gives the device power via way of the single button firing mechanism that is surrounded by an LED indicator, giving you the details of your device in a spot that is easily viewed. You'll also notice a side mounted Micro USB Charge port and through this charge port, you can charge your battery at a rate of 1A, allowing a short amount of time to charge the battery. If you've ever wanted a Mini Sub-Ohm Tank, you'll be psyched to hear that with this kit you will get one! This makes the device compatible with the EC Coil System it uses. The device also has a 0.3-ohm EC Coil that is already installed, making it ready to take on your favorite e-liquid and create some serious cloudage. If you like a lot of airflow or prefer slightly less, you can make the changes you feel are necessary to customize your vapor by using the quad airslot design combined with the tank ring as well.

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