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iStick 40W Fits Very Comfortably In Your Hand

Eleaf company launched the Temprature Control iStick series iStick TC40W .It match the latest temperature control system, by adjusting the temperature control, provide the special smoke and taste experience to the players, with not a char.Although its small size, but it has a built-in battery capacity of 2600 ma, the highest support 40 watts of power.In addition, the stainless steel screw and spring gives the joint box super wear resistance. With the newest temperature control system, it will greatly reduce the power consumption and smoke oil wastage.
Although box MODs existed prior to the iStick release, there is no question that the Eleaf iStick line has popularized it to an extent not before seen. The Eleaf iStick has proven to be the single most popular box MOD released to date. It is, therefore, a great pleasure to introduce the latest addition to the iStick family—the Eleaf iStick 40W TC . The "TC" stands for "Temperature Control," which is the feature that sets this device apart from the other members of the iStick lineup.

Aesthetically, the Eleaf iStick TC40w Box MOD is virtually the same as the iStick 20W and iStick 30W devices. The size, shape, and overall appearance are nearly identical. The two primary differences are the round fire button, and the ventilation slots located at the top of the device. The only other aesthetic difference between the iStick 40W TC and the iStick 20W/30W is that the magenta color is not offered and has been replaced with gunmetal grey instead. Eleaf paid careful attention to making the iStick 40W TC, as well as all of the others in the iStick line, incredibly ergonomic. The iStick 40W fits very comfortably in your hand, making it easy to use throughout the day.

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